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What We're All About...

Our story begins in 1967 when Wayne Pinder Jr. came to Utah County with a first-rate work ethic and a personality to match. Built on a foundation of character, hard work, dedication, and trust, Wayne built Provo Land into an industry beacon that has continued to evolve and grow in the 50+ years since.


The State of Utah has seen unprecedented growth in recent years.  This growth has also seen the expansion of Provo Land Title that has resulted in the birth of the Prospect brand. As we continue to grow, Prospect will serve as the brand name of our expansion. Despite the growth, we will always recognize our home, our roots; where we've come from. Provo Land Title will also continue to serve the citizens of Utah County.  In addition to offering escrow & title services, Provo Land will serve as our parent company and manage the growth of Prospect and other brands moving forward in the next 50 years. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

      "Strong Foundations Make Good Homes" 

Our brand is expressed in many ways—our behavior, our services, our communications. We believe our mission, vision, and core values are more than just an idea, suggestion, or sign on the wall. We hold ourselves to these concepts and believe it's practice is what has built our company into what it is today. 

* We will double-down on relationship- building activities, going beyond transactional interactions.

* We’ll focus on helping others achieve their ambitions and will always strive for the most ideal outcomes.

* The quality of our relationships has a direct correlation to our success, both with our clients and with our coworkers.

* As we’re mutually invested in each other, our efforts are magnified to create the conditions for success.

Our Values


Quality is its own reward. We take pride in our work and the value we provide to others, and we celebrate the care and craft of our industry.


Together, we can go far. Communication and collaboration are key to a smooth and painless transaction, and we lead the way in those efforts.

Joy In Our Work

Life should be enjoyed.
We like what we do (most days) and we show it by creating comfortable environments and easy conversation, making it possible for others to share in that joy.


Reliability is critical in our role. We are the keystone of a home transaction and will go to great lengths to keep the trust of our partners.

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We are always looking for new talent. If you'd like to inquire, please email a resume to and tell us a little about yourself!

Our People


Provo Land Title Co.

Commercial & Residential Title Services

255 E. 100 S.

Provo, UT 84606


Tel: 801-373-0924

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Title & Escrow Services

2100 W. Pleasant Grove Blvd

Suite 190

Pleasant Grove, UT 84062


Tel: 801-225-1924

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Corporate Office



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