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In 1967 Wayne M. Pinder Jr. started Provo Land Title Company with a first rate work ethic and a personality to match. Built on a foundation of character, hard work, dedication, and trust, Provo Land continues to maintain and build on that same foundation Wayne established 48 years ago.


Provo Land Title maintains offices in Provo, Orem, Spanish Fork, and St. George and closes transactions throughout the state.  To honor the rich company tradition Wayne set forth decades earlier, we have maintained the original name.  While some go with the trends we try to remain strong and true to the values that have made us strong and consistent.  So whether you call us PLT, Provo Land, or Wayne’s Title Company you will get the same home grown qualities we’ve always had…Longevity, Dedication, Trust



Peace of mind is a hard commodity to come by these days. Provo Land Title is a company dedicated in helping you find that peace when it comes to buying or selling your home, property, or business.  Our experienced team of professionals will be with you every step of the way.  So whether you are a residential customer, real estate professional, or mortgage specialist we can get your transaction closed quickly, efficiently, and correctly.  Let us take care of the hard part and relax; you are closing with Provo Land Title.